The biggest B2B network has become a must for everyone seeking a professional platform. How can you take advantage of it? This category explains how.

  • Will LinkedIn’s Redesign Make It Feel Less Spammy?

    >>   Let’s be honest. For many of us, LinkedIn lost its appeal when we started getting bombarded by spammy, canned requests for connections. When the fake accounts became commonplace, and the ads to join LinkedIn Premiun started to take away from the professionalism they intended to evoke. To quote an iPhone in Canada post, “LinkedIn still litters […]

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  • Does social media fill a biological niche?

    >>   A Synopsis The uses of social media these days abound, but what we often neglect is its true value within our communities.  Social media is easily viewed from two angles – personal use and business use. Each channel began with its own specific community – people used Facebook to connect with friends from high […]

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  • Believe it or not.. LinkedIn isn’t Facebook

    >>   There’s been a rash of updates as of late, from supporters of a certain U.S politician, finding their way onto LinkedIn. Normally this is far from being an issue, business and politics, after all, go hand-in-hand. These posts, however, haven’t had the decency to walk the fine line of crass/ clever, and instead […]

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  • LinkedIn FINALLY updates its inbox

    It took awhile, and for many, we thought Linkedin had just given up on its inbox. The dated design, stale interface and clunky functions didn’t jive well with the power of Linkedin. Would they ever give it a face lift? Well it happened, as if overnight and without much fanfare. The update is here and […]

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